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CAMPUSbike – powered by nextbike

Employees of all institutes and companies of the Campus Berlin-Buch and of the Helios Klinikum Berlin-Buch can rent a CAMPUSbike on any of the four stations in Berlin-Buch using the nextbike app. The first 30 minutes are free. Afterwards a rental fee of 1€/30 min (max. 12€/24 h) applies.

How it works:

    Get the nextbike app and register using your official campus E-Mail. Upon confirming your payment method, you will be charged 1€. This 1€ is your starting credit. After debit via credit card your customer account will be activated immediately. Debiting via credit transfer may take up to four days. You can change your means of payment anytime.
    Enter the bike number and press "rent" or scan the QR-Code on the bike. You will receive the four-digit lock code via the app. Enter the lock code into the BikeComputer. The fork lock will then open automatically.
    Lock bike and press „P“ on the BikeComputer. To continue re-enter the 4-digit lock code.
    Return the bike to any of the four nextbike stations in Berlin-Buch. Push the cable lock through the fork to secure. Press OK and wait until the BikeComputer confirms the return.

Bikes can only be returned at official stations in Berlin-Buch. If all bike racks are full, you can just leave the bike next to the station and check out the bike by phone or via app.


  • Who can rent a CAMPUSbike?
    CAMPUSbike can only be used by employees of the institutes and companies of the Campus Berlin-Buch. Get the nextbike app (Android or iOS) or use the website and register free of charge using your official campus E-Mail.
  • 2. Where can I return a bike?
    CAMPUSBike has to be returned to any of the four nextbike stations in Berlin-Buch: P&R-parking ground on the south exit of S-Bahn-Station Berlin-Buch, Campus Berlin-Buch (buildings 24 and 79), Helios Klinikum Berlin-Buch main entrance. Bikes can only be returned at official stations.

For further information and FAQ please turn to nextbike.


Share a ride

Share-A-Ride by CampusMobility ist ein webbasiertes, nicht-kommerzielles Mitfahrportal. Das Portal dient ausschließlich als Kommunikationsbasis. Es können Fahrten angeboten sowie gesucht werden. Das Portal steht Mitarbeitern, Gästen sowie Interessierten zur Verfügung. Ziel- bzw. Startort stets der Campus Berlin-Buch ist. Die Nutzung des Portals ist kostenfrei.

Hier geht es zum Mitfahrportal mobility.bbb-berlin.de

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E-Mail: mobility@campusberlinbuch.de